Sex Robots are Being Made to Replace Men by 2025.


I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when I read an article this morning about ‘Sex Robots‘.

Yes you read that correct….Sex Robots!!

They are being designed and could ‘replace’ men by as soon as 2025.

Apparently a report from futurologist Ian Pearson, has been published in partnership with Bondara, one of the UK’s leading sex toy shops claiming that “Sex with a humanoid robot will become common practice by 2025, even overtaking sex between humans.”

It was also reported that “By 2030 virtual sex will become as casual as browsing porn websites and by 2035 many will have toys that interact with virtual reality. In fact, high-income groups could begin to use some forms of robot sex as early as 2025, before the practice overtakes sex between humans fully  by 2050.”

“Initially, people will find it difficult to adjust to this new sex activity but will eventually become used to it, just as they embraced porn. When the look and feel of robots improve, people’s opinion will also change.”

A lot of people will still have reservations about sex with robots at first but gradually as they get used to them, as the AI and mechanical behaviour and their feel improves, and they start to become friends with strong emotional bonds, that squeamishness will gradually evaporate, While some people will enthusiastically embrace relationship-free robot sex as soon as they can afford one, as early as 2025, it won’t have much chance of overtaking sex with humans overall until 2050.” he added.




Is it a coincidence that these are ‘male only’ robots….has the penny finally dropped that that is all men are good for…..

Just a thought 😉